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Imagine having everything you need in an emergency situation—a first aid kit, a 72-hour kit, fuel, food storage, shelter—except water. Without water, true preparedness is impossible. All life on earth, including us, requires water to survive.


Having an available source of safe drinking water isn’t just about long-term prep either. Have you ever had your water shut off for any reason? It’s a nightmare. You quickly realize how precious it is for everyday good health and well being.


There was a report published not too long ago about how much water we really need to be drinking. We’ve all hear that we should be drinking eight glasses of water a day, right? Well, it turns out that we probably don;t need that much water. What we need, the scientists in the report say, is liquid in any form.


However, let’s not start replacing our water if sodas or juices. Pure, clean water is still the best way to keep our bodies hydrated and healthy. That;s why we should always make sure that every member of our family has water to drink wherever they are.


It’s easy to think of water in terms of long-term prepping. But what about daily or even hour-by-hour preparedness. If your child is going to play outside with their friends, do they have a bottle of water with them. If you are going on a neighborhood bike ride, do you have a hydration system? If you are going for a long car ride, do you have water to drink? If your student is taking a long test like the SAT, do they have water at their desk?


It’s important to take water with you no matter where you go, and here’s why: you bodily functions require water. After all, your body is mostly water, is it not? Poor hydration leads to poor circulation, poor digestion, poor kidney function, poor skin function, poor muscle performance, and even poor brain function.


There;s nothing worse than needing a drink of water and not being able to get it. Your lips get chapped, your head starts to hurt, and your energy begins to drain away. So the next time you are going out, for any reason, be sure to prepare and take a bottle of water or two. You’ll be glad you did.


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