The time to prep your first aid kit is now. However, prepping a first aid kit is not a one-time thing. Have you ever opened a first aid kit to grab a bandage or wrap, only to find that the kit is near empty with hardly any supplies?


People use first aid kits, and they should. But that means supplies need to be replaced. You should be checking your first aid kit regularly to make sure it is fully stocked. Twice a year should be sufficient. Here’s what we suggest:


• When you spring forward and fall back for daylight saving time, switch out the batteries in your smoke alarms, check your carbon monoxide protectors, and resupply your first aid kit as needed.


Now, what exactly should you have in your first aid kit? Bandages, gauze wraps, pain killers, antibiotic ointment, and scissors are all obvious items. But we did some research and found a few things that can be really helpful in an emergency. Here are some suggestions.


• Melaleuca oil. There are quite a few essential oils that have helpful properties, but perhaps none are more beneficial than melaleuca oil, or tea tree oil. Melaleuca oil has a lot of beneficial properties. It is soothing, penetrating, naturally antiseptic, and non-caustic, so it is perfect for treating bug bites, cuts, burns, scrapes, and other wounds. You can get this item from We did some Melaleuca product reviews and found that tea tree oil is in a lot of the items that Melaleuca manufactures, including a topical gel that would be perfect for first aid kits.


• Emergency contacts and phone numbers. Let’s face it, if you have to open a first aid kit, you are by definition in a stressful situation. It will really help if you have a list of umbers you can call for fire, poison, etc. That way, you aren’t scrambling to find help.


• Exam gloves. If you are tending to a wound, the last thing you want to do is infect it with dirty hands. Thin latex gloves are a boon in such times.


• Antihistamine (both topical and consumable). One of the worst experiences we ever had was going into the back country with a sneezing teenager. We had everything in our first aid kit except allergy medicine, and the three hours it took to find a small town store with allergy medication was excruciating for him and stressful for us.


• Other items that come in handy: lighters flashlight, small mirror, cash, safety pins, pocket knife, and a whistle.

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